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Apart from the basic and obvious things like getting the right boxes, packing and renting a moving vehicle, you will also have to ensure that the right people are notified about the move and your place to move. 

Forgetting about things in such hectic hours is so common. People hardly get things right on the first go. Some of these mistakes can cost you service lapses or missed bills. Fortunately, you can take a few steps to limit those loose ends and get it right in one go. 

One thing you should keep into consideration is to begin early to ensure everything is done on time or take help from apartment removal or office removals in London to ensure everything is done on time. 

So, let's get started with the checklist to ensure everything is taken care of. 

Table of Contents

1. Local Authorities


The new home may ask for a trip to the DVLA. According to law, you have to update your address on the driving license in a limited period once you have moved. This time varies based on the State. Failing to comply with the rule can lead to fines. If you are fortunate enough, you may be able to complete the process of address change online. In such cases, your new license arrives by email.

b) IRS

The IRS should have your updated address on the file. Not having it can risk your important information going into some other hands. Also, the old address can make the tax filing process a hassle. You can visit their website to change your address and will receive correspondence from the IRS once the change has been done.

c) Local County Office

You need to fill the right address on the file to exercise your citizen rights. This can be done by mailing information to your local county office.

d) Employer

Update your employer about the new address so they can update it on the contact details and payroll.

2. Financial Services

a) Investments and Banks

Banks and investment services should be your priority to update the address as everyone wants to get their bills and statements at the right place. You should notify your bank and the companies where your investment lies about the updated check.

b) Loan

Any institution that has to lend you a loan like student loans should be informed in advance.

c) Credit Card Companies

Irrespective of the fact that your paperless billing, you should update your credit card companies and retail credit accounts. Charges for the credit card will need your actual address for additional identification steps and bills as well.

d) Banks

Update your address on the bank by mail, phone, online or in person. You can check your bank’s website to change the address.

e) Premium Bonds

you need to update your address on the Premium Bonds where you have invested or else you won’t be able to get any potential winnings. If you are registered then you can do it on the website or by phone.

 f) Pension

In case you are on a private plan, you can update the information by getting in touch with the provider by email or phone.

g) Debit Card Companies

While updating your new address at the bank you also want to change the address for debit card. 

h) Store Cards

You need to have a store card for the delivery purpose. 

3. Recreational Activity

When you are taking a long-distance move, you may want to cancel the subscription of the club or gym. You can either visit them or do the cancellation over the phone before you move. Another utmost thing is to get in touch with postal subscription and let them know about the moving decisions and the new address so they can start sending your things to the new address. 

Some of these places are:

a) Newspaper and Magazine subscriptions

b) Health Club/Gym

c) Club and societies

d) Retail Clubs

e) Religious institutions

4. Household Things

a) Cable and satellite providers 

They should be informed about the address change for billing purposes. Also, before updating the information, it’s recommended to check if your new place needs cable or a new satellite dish. You can afford to cancel or update this service as you don’t want to pay for something that you are not using.

b) Phone or landline service providers 

Phone service providers should be informed about the change of address as you might need a new phone number at your new place. You can update the address here when updating the broadband. The mobile address should be updated with the correct address so they can send the bill to the right location. This can be done by getting in touch with the provider through phone or by visiting the stores.

c) Broadband 

With Broadband you either want to cancel the subscription or may look for a better deal in your new surroundings. If you are going with your old broadband provider then you may ask them to move your deal to the current property.

d) Water Provider

Inform your water provider about the last day at your place and the day you will reach your new location.

e)Gas and Electricity providers 

They should be given 48 hours prior notice time, so they can calculate your bill till the alt day of service. If you miss to inform them, you may have to pay for the days where you haven’t taken the service.

f) Building Societies

Inform your building society or back about the change of address when you are closer to your moving date. Your residence place is a crucial factor for your identity and missing to update this information can put risk to your identity and make you vulnerable for identity theft. You can also update your address online or visit in person.

5. Vehicle-Related

a) Vehicle breakdown coverage

 This can be done on the breakdown cover provider’s website. You need to pay extra caution as the rates differ based on the area and also where they need to reach in case any breakdown happens.

b) Car Insurance Provider

A car insurance provider should be informed about the change of address. This is for insurance payments and contact information just in case your car meets with an accident. Remember, there can be a change in your payment rate as the rates are based on the area you live in. This change of address can be either done online or over the phone.

6. Educational

a) School

Inform your kids’ school about the change of address so they can update that on your contact information. Moving is a hectic process for your kids as well, so it’s crucial to inform about the change of address or apply for leaves in advance.

b) University

Private universities and schools need to be updated about the address change so they can send the tuition fees for every semester or year. So it becomes important to update the new address if you continue going to university after the move.

7. Healthcare

With the change in address, you may also want to change your physicians. This means your doctor will have to send your medical information to the new doctor. This applies to opticians, dentists, and vets. Just in case you had a check-up before the move, inform them about when you will move and where the doctor had to pass on the new information.

8. Insurance

Most insurance will have to know about your new postcode to work out the cost of cover and premiums. Some of the rates are based on the area you live in. Areas that are considered risky than others have higher premiums as compared to others. However, certain insurances don’t get affected by the area you live and just need to get the address and contact updated. To inform your insurer you have to either visit their website or call them to arrange the address update.

a) Health and life insurance

This will ensure that you are covered at the new place if you need any medical emergency.

b) Homeowners or renter’s insurance 

These insurers don't follow you to the new place so you will need to get in touch with them for the update to make sure no charges are applied.

c) Travel Insurance

You should update your travel insurer about the changed address. The new card will be sent to the new address after the re-application.

9. Services

If you take household help, you should cancel the services before you head to the new location. If you are not located in a faraway place, you might want to ask them to come to the new property. If the place is located far by then inform them about their last day of work. It’s worth updating addresses with everyone that needs your new location such as solitaires, accountants or tenants. Post coming from these people will be crucial and private as well so you don’t want them to get lost when you move to the new location.

Some of the places you need to update your address are:

· Gardener

· Cleaner

· Window Cleaner

· Solicitor

· Accountant

10. Removal Company

Moving is a hectic time and to keep things seamless you should hire house movers in London. You should ask two or three companies for removal quotes before hiring one. This should be done one month prior to your move. Once you have finalized the move, share both new and old addresses with the company. They should be aware of the distance and destination they need to conduct the move for. The removalist can bring the vehicle and the movers accordingly. Hiring removalists will help you take care of these smaller things while your London removals can do the heavy lifting. 

And the last but most important thing is to get started early to avoid any potential hassles like service lapse. It hurts to pay for services that you haven’t avail. Most people forget about these small things and regret later on. Following this checklist will not let you suffer from the same plight. 

We wish you all the luck with your coming house move!

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