Top 10 Things to do in London

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London-oh you, beauty! That's what pops up in our mind when we start thinking about London. It's undoubtedly the most winsome destination and also a dream come true for millions. London is packed with vibrancy and has always been the most charming places that could ever exist.

While being here, you are going to be a part of the ultimate fun and a whole lot of luxuries! Also, you would never wish to go back to your place once you have stepped into this wonderland. The entire vicinity, as well as the aura prevalent here, is breathtaking. There are innumerable activities to do in London, and you are surely going to have the best time while trying them out.

London has always been counted amongst the leading tourism destinations worldwide, and it's primarily because of the heart-stealing popular places in London. Time for you to discover this city with your full might and knit an array of unforgettable memories. The city hails with the ability to attract millions of tourists residing in the nooks and corners of the globe. Whether it's domestic tourism or an international one, London has always been a quick stoppage.

Top Ten Activities to do in London

Just in case you intend to get aware of the top 10 things to do London, you may have a look at them below:

  1. Witness the fantastic world-class exhibition held at the V&A:   

    If you are a dire lover of art, you would undoubtedly love the exhibition at the V&A. V&A is a majorly prominent museum in London that houses many art and design pieces.

    Each one of them is worthy of your glimpses since they have a beauty to die for. Here, you will have a look at the collections of textiles, fashion, and designs too. It is open for public access, and also, there are no charges for visiting it.

    Also, you should never miss out on the all-porcelain courtyard that was created for the first time by Amanda Levete. Its glittering ceramics, while coming in contact with the sunlight, would sway away your heart with their beauty.
  2. Consume the delectable cuisines at Kiln:

    If you are a whole restaurant chain in London and the biggest restaurant out of these is Kiln. While being here, you are going to witness that there would always be an existence of a notable queue here.

    It's because the food served here is worth it and thus, it has started gaining favouritism from thousands here. The owner of this restaurant is Ben Chapman, and Laos, Myanmar, and Thailand influence the dishes served here.

    You should not miss out trying the signature-clay baked glass noodles, and the punchy jungle curries served here.

  3. Spend your weekend while partying at Notting Hill Carnival: 

    If you are a party animal, then your visit to London remains unfulfilled if you haven't visited the Notting Hill Carnival yet.

    It is considered to be the biggest street party in Europe, and it's held during the summertime every year. The Notting Hill Carnival is accompanied by full vibrancy as well as an intriguing history.

    As entailed, this carnival is a cultural festival or the Caribbean communities, and they are marking their existence since 1966. The overall ambience of this celebration is undoubtedly lively, and you can enjoy it with your heart out loud here.

  1. Shop for the fancy fabric right at the Liberty:

    On mentioning one of the most historical as well as renowned department stores, it would be none other than London's Liberty. It's been marking its presence since 1875, and people have been relying on this place for shopping since then.

    This impressive building is made up of the timbers produced via two historical warships. For any artistic shopper, Liberty's certainly going to be a perfect choice.

    While being here, you should never forget to visit the Liberty Christmas Shop that is opened for public access during a preferred time of the year. Its incredible decorations would just attract you in the most beautiful possible manner.

  1. Get an artistic touch at the amazing Southbank Centre: 

    A pool of arts and entertainment as well as a myriad of perfect elements, the Southbank Centre has always been a heartthrob. It consists of the notable and very famous Royal Festival Hall, the Hayward Art Gallery as well as Queen Elizabeth Hall.

    Each one of these places is looked upon by millions of people globally. This cultural hotspot is a perfect hub for every traveller, and also, it's no less than a cultural transformer for any person standing there.

    The small rooms, as well as the beautiful terraces, serve as a sheath to many events. You can stroll amidst this place and have the best time of your life at such a heart-warming destination.

  1. Feel closer to nature with the Columbia Road Flower Market: 

    If you want to have a colourful, nature-friendly, as well as an aromatic Sunday; you can think of spending your time at the Columbia Road Flower Market.

    The whole place is so beautiful that it shall surely become your favourite in no time. This flower market is quite beloved by thousands present here and also; it's considered as one of the oldest markets in London.

    This hipster paradise would showcase you plenty of bedding plants, cacti, a banana tree, and a plethora of colourful flowers. You can even bargain for getting the best blooms from the Columbia Road Flower Market.

  1. Gain a pinch of drama and comedy at the famous National Theatre: 

    Anyone who is searching out for the best performing art venues in London, he/she should head towards the National Theatre here.

    While being at this fantastic place, you are not only going to see a play but also have a look at the 'behind-the-scenes.'

    Start your tour here with your guide, who would provide you with many fascinating anecdotes while entailing about history as well as building. Do not forget to have tea and cake during your presence here.

  1. Spend time with the Hampstead Heath Ponds: 

    It contains many bathing ponds set in the middle of Hampstead Heath's green space. This place is evergreen, and thus, you can pay a visit here as per your comfort during any time of the year.

    Apart from that, it's also known as the sole place in the UK. It facilitates travellers with public swimming. These picturesque ponds are perfect for a short walk, whether it's going to be alone or with someone else.

    The Hampstead Heath Ponds are genuinely an ideal escapade from the scorching heat of London. Jump into it, start swimming, and there would be no shallow end.

  1. Discover free art at the prominent Tate Modern: 

    Modern is a riverside icon that is located on the South Bank of London. It's formed to showcase modern as well as contemporary art.

    While stepping inside this amazing spot, you are going to have a look at the artworks by the very eminent Dali and Hockney, Warhol. Also, there is the existence of many eye-grabbing installations that are going to leave you awestruck with their immortal beauty.

  1. Be there to party in Soho:

    Hailing with a sleazy history, Soho has never left any of its visitors dissatisfied with any of its characteristics. It serves as a perfect fusion of the party-vibes, touristic hubs, a whole chain of eateries, and many other theatre buffs.

    You couldn't even imagine your day here without the city vibes present in this destination. Soho is considered to be a spot that houses the best theatres of London, bars, clubs, shops, and restaurants too. You should not miss out on the Grade-II pub, i.e., the French House.

In a nutshell: 

If you are a true wanderer who just wants to travel into something way too beautiful, then London is a place to be!

The activities mentioned above are surely going to prove as delightful while you are indulged in trying them out. From the best places to see in London to the best restaurants for eating in London, you are going to enjoy every bit of London to the fullest. 

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